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MINI Mini A8 GPS miniature tracking locator for old children tracking the anti theft auto theft protection SOS

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 1. The new machine should be fully charged before use to achieve the best results. 2, the charger comes standard: 5.0V 500MA, so as not to damage the host. 

 3. When installing, please pay attention to the signal strength of the GSM network. Do not install it in a place where there is no signal or weak signal, so as not to affect the use effect. 

 4, the light does not light, the battery is dead, after charging, use.

 5, can not get through the phone, re-plug the card to start or charge and then test. 6, do not automatically answer, re-plug the card to boot.

 7, do not return information, please check the sim card with or without the arrears, check the sim card SMS is full, try again after emptying. 

 8. This product is strictly forbidden for illegal use and at your own risk.


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