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Children's Diy Bead Tent Fort Building Kit Toy Tent Building Blocks Tent Fight Tent

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1. Flexible tribal fun for boys and girls: Children’s Ultimate Fortress Builder Kit is specially designed for children 5 years and older. To build a cave, tent, rocket, house, igloo, tunnel or play as a princess, just add a sheet. Let your child create his own fantasy world in a few hours.
2. Encourage creativity and stimulate imagination and develop critical thinking skills: your children can build their own fortresses and design houses, castles, missile ships, etc.! Our Fortress Kit encourages children to develop their imagination and problem-solving skills!
3. Durable, portable and easy to build: made of high-quality solid plastic. Plastic pins can be easily and safely inserted into ball fasteners. Ball fasteners are multi-dimensional and porous, which can change the direction of the pin. You don't have to worry about breaking the structure.
4. It's fun for kids. Recommended for 5 years old and above. Adult supervision/support may be required. Does not include linen beds, tarpaulins, blankets and other fort covers.

Material: plastic
SET1: 21 balls+45 root tubes=66PCS
Bag specifications: 26*38*3.5cm
With tent
SET2: 21 balls+45 root tubes=66PCS
Bag specifications: 26*38*3.5cm
No tent
SET3: 55 balls + 100 tubes = 155PCS
Bag specifications: 30*42*3.5cm
With tent
SET4: 55 balls + 100 tubes = 155PCS
Bag specifications: 30*42*3.5cm
No tent
SET5: 36 balls+51root tubes=87PCS
No bag
SET6: 36 balls+51root tubes=87PCS
With bag
SET7: 110 balls + 200 tubes = 310PCS
With tent

SET9=200 sticks+110 balls

*The instructions for any style are the same

Packing list:
Bead tent*1


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