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Car Memory Cotton Lumbar Suit Pillow Back Pad Waist Car Interior Seat Four Seasons Universal New Slow Rebound

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style: A piece
Color: Beige


1. Support the back, support the entire back, especially low waist and side waist. Because the side is thick, it can support the waist, suitable for people with low back pain
2. Posture correction, long-term sitting, fatigue, heavy lifting. Incorrect sedentary posture can damage the waist. This curve of the lumbar spine adapts to the body, and its use can push you to correct your sitting posture.
3. Durable, high-quality memory foam can be used for many years and has been provided to more than 100,000 customers. Used in car seats, chairs, office chairs, wheelchairs, and student chairs.
4. Design: adapt to the curve of the body's spine.

Product information:
Filling: memory foam
Headrest size: 22*27*13cm
Waist circumference: 43*39*12.5cm
The waist weight is about 700g, and the weight of the lumbar support and headrest is about 1200g.
Fabric: Comfortable and breathable fabric

1. This design has wider and thicker sides, which can hug the waist, especially the side muscles, so it is very suitable for people with low back pain
2. High-quality memory foam core, high-quality memory foam core absorbs sedentary pressure and relieves waist pressure
3. Arc design, both sides are thicker than the middle, effectively hug the side muscles. The middle is 8cm thick and the sides are about 14cm long. *The semicircle at the bottom can promote air circulation
4. Adapt to orthopedic curve design, ergonomic design, better adapt to the human spine curve, correct sitting posture, good for health, not only support the lower back, the height of 43cm is also sufficient to support the high back
5. Zipper design, detachable breathable cover, easy to clean. * Easy installation. Just lean directly on the car seat or chair because it has a flat bottom design
6. The ergonomic neck pillow fits perfectly to the curvature of the cervical spine. The best one is natural. More comfortable and healthier
7. Long-term use is not deformed. After a long time and more than 100,000 customers' certification, it can be used for many years, at least 5-8 years, or even more. cut costs

Packing list:

Cushion*1/Pillow*1/Two-piece suit*1





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