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Car humidifier

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Product information:
Brand Name    BASEUS
Capacity     <1L
Power (W)     5w
Voltage (V)     12v
Noise     36db-45db
Input :   5V / 1A   
Humification method     Fog discharge
Water shortage shutdown protection     Yes
Function     Negative ions
Use     Car Charger
Shape     Classic columnar
Application     <10>
Humidity control     Keyboard
Classification     Humidification
Certification     CE
Certification     ROHS
Model Number     Baseus Car Air Humidifier
Quantity of fog weir     One
Type :   Ultrasonic humidifier   
Timing function :   No   
Energy Type     USB
Installation     USB
Mist Produced (gallon / day)     45ml / h
Humidification capacity     300 ml / h
Operation method     Keyboard type
Type     USB Air Humidifier
Technology     Nano Spray
Size     15.25cm * 7cm
Material     Aluminum alloy
Frequency     1.7 Million High Frequency Vibration
Operate Mode     Two Gear Spray Mode
Usage    Air Humidifier for Car Home Office
Feature     with LED Night Lamp


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